Making your life softer

Manufacturer with a long history and experience with producing EVA, TPE and LDPE foam and various products made from this foam.

Who we are?

EuProMed s.r.o. located in Czech Republic is an european representative of a joint venture production facility located in Yancheng city in China. We´ve been set up as a distribution center, we should take care of European and US market and provide best service to the local customers.

What we do?

We are producing sheets of soft foam from EVA, TPE and LDPE raw materials. Our production has 10 years of experience in manufacturing such soft foam. During recent years we have developed our own final products as yoga mats, rollers, kick boards but we still keep producing sheets of foam for different purposes.

Why choose us?

Firstly, we are a direct manufacturer. You can visit our production and discuss possibilities directly at place with our engineers. We are using only 100% brand new raw materials and all our products have been tested on health safety by SGS lab and were rated by 1+ level mark for usage by kids.

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